What is Orchestrate?

Orchestrate makes databases simple by powering full-text search, events, graph, and K/V storage behind a REST API.

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[VIDEO] Build Mobile Apps Fast with Appery.io and Orchestrate


Appery.io mobile app development

Last week we hosted a webinar with Appery.io, an application development platform for enterprise mobile developers. Whether you’re building apps for an enterprise organization or for your own project, this video will show you just how simple it is to use Orchestrate for your backend database. In the video, we walk step-by-step through the development of a Contacts…

Recent Updates to the Orchestrate Ruby Gem



I just published a new version of the Orchestrate Gem, version 0.9, that provides a ruby-like interface for accessing Orchestrate’s API. Since the initial gem announcement in June, I’ve mapped Orchestrate’s data types and API semantics to ruby classes. I won’t cover everything here, because that’s in the rdoc. Instead I want to give an…

Why We Abstracted Elasticsearch



“Databases. As a Service.” adorns the Orchestrate home page. We’ve emphasized the plural because we run our service on multiple persistent stores, and a key piece of what makes up Orchestrate is how we expose this software, for example, Elasticsearch. A recent Elasticsearch vulnerability saw Amazon EC2 nodes hijacked for denial-of-service attacks because of improperly…

Programmers: Be Productive, Be Creative



When I joined Orchestrate, I wrote about helping developers be more productive and creative. Lately I’ve realize they’re not separate states but a spectrum of cause and effect. When you’re more productive, you’re naturally more creative. Programmers are some of the most creative people I know. Yet, often they hold themselves back by solving problems…

Using vs Operating a Database



RethinkDB describes first-generation NoSQL technologies with two categories, developer-oriented and operations-oriented. Here’s what they have to say: Developer-oriented products include MongoDB and CouchDB. They typically pay close attention to ease of use, have rich document structure, and offer flexible querying capabilities. However, when compared with their operations-oriented counterparts, they are more difficult to deploy to…

Voices: Scott Motte on Flying High with Node.js



Scott Motte (@scottmotte) is a hacker who works with a number of different languages. Node.js has been a recent favorite, which is why I asked him to share his thoughts as a guest on our Voices series. He’s a Developer Evangelist at email company SendGrid (where we previously worked together). He’s often introducing developers to…