Java Client 0.3.0



We’ve just released a new version of the Java client. It’s the culmination of weeks of work to bring the proposal outlined here to life. This change is a significant departure from the structure of the old client API and will require some work to migrate your code. Why such a large change? When the…

Update on the Heartbleed Bug in SSL


On Monday, a serious a vulnerability called the Heartbleed Bug was discovered in OpenSSL. It affected a massive percentage of services on the Internet – over a half a million Websites – including Orchestrate and other infrastructure and data services. We immediately took steps to remedy the situation, and all of our servers are now…

Build Node.js Apps in Five Quick Steps on Orchestrate


Orchestrate NodeJS

This blog post has one purpose: to demonstrate how simply and easily you can get started building Node.js apps using Orchestrate as the data platform with our Node.js driver. In case you are new around here, the Orchestrate service is a platform for storing and querying data. We support typical NoSQL queries: full text Lucene…