We are now Orchestrate by CenturyLink™

Simplifing databases, fostering innovation.

We built Orchestrate so developers could tap into the power of NoSQL databases without having to run databases in production themselves.

We wanted to combine the developer-friendliness and ease of use of NoSQL databases like MongoDB and CouchDB with the reliability of distributed databases like Riak and Cassandra, all delivered as a service so users didn't need to worry about operations.

Individual developers increasingly shape innovations in infrastructure and tend to choose technology with low barriers to entry. For this reason, we wanted to make something accessible to everyone. Our free tier offers the same API features and performance as our Enterprise tier. Orchestrate is truly multi-tenant.

We consider our mission successful not when people tell us how easy to use or inexpensive they find Orchestrate, but when they tell us they have built something they could not build before.

At Orchestrate's foundation...


Years of combined experience

Our founders and engineers worked together for five years building a successful database company prior to starting Orchestrate. We all worked on services before that. We have the experience to do this right.

Antony “Tony” Falco

CEO and Co-Founder

A database veteran and serial entrepreneur, Tony built Orchestrate after noticing hundreds of companies unnecessarily duplicate database infrastructure time and again. Previously, he co-founded Basho Technologies, creators of the NoSQL database Riak, where he served as COO. Prior, he was VP of Product Management and Technical Services at Akamai Technologies, which he helped grow to an annual revenue of over $200 million.

Matthew “Roder” Heitzenroder

COO and Co-Founder

Matt has launched several start-ups and has been a part of several open source companies over the past decade. In 2010, he launched Basho Technologies European operations, where he served as General Manager, EMEA. He was an early employee at SugarCRM, where he helped build the client service team and served as a Professional Services engineer. In his spare time, you can find him hacking, sailing, or skiing.

Ian "Doc" Plosker

CTO and Co-Founder

A lifelong programmer, Ian has built everything from CMS, to bioinformatics platforms and corporate competitive intelligence management systems. Prior to Orchestrate, Ian worked with Basho Technologies, where he served as its Director of Technical Operations for EMEA. Former roles also include Lead Software Engineer and Sr. Software Architect at Cipher Systems. He currently lives in London.

Dave “Dizzy” Smith

VP of Engineering

A software veteran of over 16 years, Dizzy has expertise in real-time messaging, identity federation, P2P datastores, and is active in many Open Source projects. Previously, he was VP of Engineering for Singly, and VP of Engineering for Basho, where he led the Rebar Project, created Bitcask and won the Erlang User of the Year Award. Before Basho, he built Jabber’s first XMPP servers and grew several other successful startups.


Seed Round

With an initial $3M seed round from great investors at True Ventures, Frontline Ventures, Trifork, and Resonant Partners, we have the resources to build a great service.

True Ventures Frontline Ventures Trifork Resonat Venture Partners
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  • Includes 50K API Calls
  • 1 Application
  • No Credit Card Required
  • Production Ready
  • Community Chat Room
  • Data Exports and Backups
  • More Information...


  • Includes 500K API Calls
  • 2 Applications
  • 99.95% SLA
  • Next Business Day Support
  • Community Chat Room
  • Data Exports and Backups
  • More Information...


  • Includes 5M API Calls
  • 5 Applications
  • 99.95% SLA
  • 24 x 365 Support
  • Bulk Data Loading
  • Data Exports and Backups
  • More Information...
  • 24 x 365 Support
  • Data Exports and Backups
  • Bulk Data Loading
  • Private Cloud Deployments
  • Multi-Tenant and Dedicated Clusters
  • Volume Discounts and Flexible Usage Limits
  • 99.95% SLA
  • Warranty/Indemnification
  • Dedicated Account Manager