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Orchestrate makes databases simple by powering full-text search, events, graph, and K/V storage behind a REST API.

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Adam DuVander

Why I’m Joining Orchestrate.

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Adam DuVander

I love developers. You apply your creativity and the talents of those around you to create amazing things. It may be a tool to change the world or a game to pass the time. In all cases, developers are making an impact. The better their tools, the greater opportunity for maximizing your impact.

In my career, I’ve been that coder, ignoring my pillow’s call as I push out one more feature. I have been the technical journalist trying to find stories that matter to developers. And I have been the curator of technical content for a premier developer-focused company. I’ll use those skills, and a few more I hope to pick up, in my new role at Orchestrate making developers more productive and creative.

The road from “hello world” tinkering to complete application is paved with database calls. To build the most interesting things, developers must store and access many different types of data. For too long databases have been a necessary headache. Many developers think and re-think their data models before even writing a line of code, postponing the valuable learning that comes as you begin to prototype. Worse, when your projects become successful, you often must transform yourself into a database administrator at the moment when you should be paying most attention to your application.

I have spoken and written a lot about the way modern developers architect their applications around APIs. The approach helps developers focus on what makes their application special, what sets it apart from every other development project. I first discussed what I later coined “Pareto-as-a-Service” in an Orchestrate Q&A last fall. The idea is that 80% of what you need for any application is already built and available as an API. Yet many developers still go it alone, building far too much infrastructure in-house.

I’m joining Orchestrate to help you build better applications faster. With my team of developer advocates, we’ll listen to where developers struggle, and we’ll do our best to help Orchestrate eliminate the barriers that keep developers from creating amazing things. We believe that removing the worries associated with databases will allow you to focus what you do best and accelerate your path to complete applications.

I invite you to join us, either by registering for an Orchestrate account or applying to be part of the team. In either case, you will help make developers more productive and creative.