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Orchestrate makes databases simple by powering full-text search, events, graph, and K/V storage behind a REST API.

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Diana Thayer

Why I’m Joining Orchestrate: Vision and Team

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Databases are hard. Under the hood, they all make trade-offs to cater to different problems and uses. Kyle Kingsbury’s Carley Rae Jepsen Explains Network Partitions explores in detail just how difficult the task of scaling the storage and retrieval of data is, and how fragile even best-of-breed systems are under default settings.

What app developers like myself need from databases seems simple:

  • Store my data
  • Give it back quickly
  • Don’t lose it
  • Don’t die on me

The reality is, that’s really hard — but not impossible.

Orchestrate understands the advantages of different databases, and leverages many of them behind a seamless API so every use has a finely tuned, best-of-breed solution, from Hadoop to MySQL to ElasticSearch, so you don’t have to get knee-deep in database science to build what you love.

Or, that’s the vision. We’re well on our way, and that’s part of why I joined Orchestrate.

The other part is the team. As a transgender person, strong ethics means life for people like me. “Political correctness” means refusing to erase us, to make us a punchline, to let economic violence destroy us. I refuse to join a team that refuses to critically examine and resist the sexism, racism, and classism that plagues our industry.

But at every turn, I have been welcomed and honored. The validity of my identity has never come into question, my pronouns are used and respected, and, without reservation, I feel safe. I am honored to join such a thoughtful group of people.

If that sounds as neat to you as it does to me, join us in realizing our vision of effortless apps and compassionate teams: sign up for an account, or apply to be part of the team :D

Happy coding, y’all~